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and the University of Mississippi for helpful comments. A previous version of a portion of this work was titled " The impact of competitive intensity on the profitability of investments and future stock returns. " A new measure of competition based on 10­K filings: Derivations and implications for financial statement analysis ABSTRACT In this paper we(More)
This study explored the prediction that cases with anterior communicating artery (ACoA) syndrome will exhibit deficits in higher-level language production and comprehension. A 65-year-old adult male with a history of ACoA syndrome was tested on higher-level linguistic tasks. The patient's performance on discourse comprehension. discourse production, and(More)
We investigate a possible weakness of measuring assets using historical cost. Our results suggest that an economically significant portion of the return on net operating assets reported by firms with older assets is an artifact of historical cost accounting rather than superior economic performance. We document that this feature of historical cost(More)
University of Washington for helpful comments and suggestions. We appreciate input from Dominic Jones of IR Web Report and Jon Spargur of Keane Federal Systems. We also thank Yung-Yu Chen for assistance in acquiring Google search data and Eugene Soltes for graciously sharing his press coverage data. The financial support of the Fisher College of Business,(More)
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