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INTRODUCTION We tested two treatment strategies to determine: treatment (a) prognosis (seizure frequency, mortality, suicide, and complications), (b) safety and adherence of treatment, (c) self-reported satisfaction with treatment and self-reported productivity, and policy aspects (a) number of required tablets for universal treatment (NRT), (b) cost of(More)
We studied the percentage change in compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitude and area during and after a 5-min maximal contraction of the muscle. The exercise test (ET) was performed on 64 patients with different muscle disorders and on 46 normal controls. The range of normal ET values was defined as the mean + 2 SD of the control values. The mean(More)
Two studies are reported in which the aim was to assesses whether oxygenation on transfer to or during high frequency oscillation (HFO) was influenced by the mean airway pressure (MAP) level. Sixteen infants, median gestational age 28 weeks, were recruited into the first study and 14 with a median gestational age of 29 weeks into the second. In the initial(More)
Previous data have suggested that neonatal complications amongst preterm ventilated infants increase with decreasing gestational age and thus are likely to be greatest among ventilated infants of less than 28 weeks gestational age. The aim of this study was to test that hypothesis, thus we report the neonatal complications of 175 extremely preterm(More)
A group of preterm infants (n=40) were entered into a randomised controlled trial to compare the duration and efficacy of weaning by patient triggered ventilation (PTV) or conventional ventilation. Once recovery from respiratory distress had begun, enabling the ventilator rate to be reduced to 40 breaths/min, infants were randomised to either regime.(More)
Serum levels of thyroid stimulating hormone and of the two thyroid hormones were compared in pregnant women and in non-pregnant control subjects. Circulating levels of thyroid stimulating hormone did not alter significantly throughout pregnancy. Total thyroxine and triiodothyronine concentrations increased markedly during the first and second trimesters,(More)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs) are rare and constitute only about 1 % of all gastrointestinal (GI) malignant tumours; nevertheless, they are the most common mesenchymal neoplasm of the GI tract. GISTs are typically characterised by positive immunohistochemical staining with CD117 and CD34. Its association with neurofibromatosis (neurofibromatosis(More)
The performance of two triggering systems was compared during patient triggered ventilation (PTV) of infants ventilator-dependent beyond 10 days of age. Ten infants were studied who had a median gestational age of 26.5 weeks and a postnatal age of 15.5 days. PTV was administered via the SLE ventilator and the two triggering systems, an airway pressure(More)
The electrophysiological findings in 18 patients with Arnold-Chiari malformation (ACM) revealed by spinal symptoms excluding syringomyelic syndrome (Brown-Sequard syndrome, paraparesis with or without posterior column involvement, motor neuron syndrome or more complex myelopathies) are reported. In 16 cases, EMG disclosed abnormalities consistent with(More)
Eleven patients with motor neuron disease associated with a monoclonal gammopathy were studied. One patient had a previously known multiple myeloma. In the other patients neurological symptoms preceded diagnosis of the gammopathy by one month to 8 years. They were 5 multiple myeloma, 1 macroglobulinemia, 1 chronic lymphatic leukemia, 1 lymphoma and 3 benign(More)