Vicente de Paula Melo

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This paper aims to present an assessment of the environmental radiological exposure at a Brazilian area of high natural radiation and discusses the indoor radon exposure risk. A survey of inhabitant exposures arising from the inhalation of radon progeny and external gamma exposure was conducted in urban and rural areas of the Poços de Caldas Plateau, which(More)
The main source of radiation exposure in most underground mining operations is radon and radon decay products. The situation of radon exposure in underground mining in Brazil is still unknown, since there has been no national regulation regarding this exposure. A preliminary radiological survey in nonuranium mines in Brazil indicated that an underground(More)
The Brazilian National Chagas Disease Control Program (PCDCh) is currently in the epidemiological surveillance phase and poses one of the principal challenges for maintaining and improving surveillance. With the decentralization of health actions, leading to the transfer of responsibilities over the control of endemic diseases to the State and Municipal(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the epidemiological surveillance of Chagas disease in the central-western region of Minas Gerais State, Brazil, based on knowledge and practice among municipal health agents working in the Chagas Disease Control Program. Thirty-five municipalities (counties) were visited, with meetings and application of a questionnaire on(More)
The first Brazilian historical mortality cohort study on miners was conducted. The cohort consisted of 3224 workers in the underground coal mining industry in southern Brazil. This industry has been operating since 1942 without compliance with any regulatory standards, since there were no relevant national regulations. Over almost 60 years, about 5000(More)
The locality of Altolândia (Tapiraí Municipality, Minas Gerais, Brazil), frequently presents Panstrongylus megistus infestation in the domiciliary environment. In order to improve epidemiological surveillance in this area, a strategy of domiciliary pyrethroid spraying with high flushing-out effect followed by immediate triatomine research, was implemented(More)
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