Vicente Pino Rivero

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We report a clinical case of a 26 years old female who had a 2 years evolution chin tumour with hypercalcemia (11.8 mg/dl) and PTH (paratohormone) of 761 pg/ml. She underwent a CT scan and MRI of the mandible, as well as a biopsy followed by excision of the tumour by the maxilofacial surgeons. Our ENT Department asked for a Scintigraphy (Tc99s-mibi) and(More)
We report the results of a microbiological clinic study that was performed by our ENT Department between years 2000 and 2001 whose main objective was to determine, in Badajoz Area of Health, which bacteria were involved in the acute diffuse external otitis of patients without previous antibiotic treatment (two weeks before obtaining the samples). Of 79(More)
The primary malignant melanomas of sphenoidal sinus are very uncommon tumours. We are reporting a clinical case of a 56 years-old male who was sent from the Neurology Department with ocular pain and headache of several months evolution and without personal history. Exploration revealed a VIth palsy, diplopia and ptosis. The complementary imaging tests (CT(More)
INTRODUCTION To evaluate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the treatments used for controlling epistaxis, particularly compared with the surgical endoscopic ligation or cauterization of sphenopalatine (SP) and anterior ethmoid (AE) arteries, a intervention prospective-retrospective study is presented with the aim of assessing the feasibility of these(More)
Kartagener syndrome (a clinical variant of primary ciliary dyskinesia) is a recessive autossomical disease characterized by the triad of chronic sinusitis, bronchiectasis and situs inversus with dextrocardia. We report one case described in a 8 years old boy who besides presented a seromucous otitis and bronchitis of repetition. Finally we performed a short(More)
We are reporting an atypical and very rare clinical case of nasal angiofibroma in a 60 year-old female who presented with recurrent epistaxis and nasal blockage. The tumour was located on the right inferior turbinate C.T scans., M.R.I. and Angiography were required as complementary studies. After trying without success a previous arterial embolization, the(More)
We report the clinical case of an adenoid cystic carcinoma on the base of the tongue, a rare malignant tumor of slow-growing but aggressive with a propepnsity for perineural invasion. Treatment modalities more common include surgery and radiotherapy but locorregional recurrences are frequent and relatively early in the first years. A review of the(More)
We report the clinic and microbiological findings that were obtained in 10 adult patients admitted by our ENT Service with diagnosis of suppurative bacterial acute parotitis. S. aureus and Streptococcus sp were the most isolated organisms. All the patients were treated by hidratation, endovenous antibiotic therapy sometimes modified according to the(More)
Our main goal was performing a retrospective study about peritonsillar cellulitis and abscess to prove the efficiency of treatment. So that we have collected 100 clinical histories of admitted patients in our ENT Service between 1990 and 2001 with such pathology and analysed a serie of variables and the treatment given in each case. It is one of the most(More)
Bilateral sudden deafness is uncommon and characterized by an acute sensorineural hearing loss in both ears of 30 dB or more in 3 consecutive frequencies. We report the case of a 57 yeras old female with this diagnosis who presented a right anacusia and a severe audiometric loss on left ear without vestibular pathology associated. She was admitted and(More)