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Does population follow the same inverted-U pattern of concentration/dispersion that has been found in the case of economic activity in the long run? In this paper we present the evidence for eight European countries during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and find that, contrary to the inverted-U hypothesis, population has shown a steady, long-run(More)
The study of the impact of economic activities on natural resources through global supply chains is increasingly demanded in the context of the growing globalization of economies and product fragmentation. Taking Spain as a case study and a sector with significant economic and environmental impacts, the agri-food industry, the objective of this work is(More)
  • Kahneman, A Gibbs, +7 authors J Attentional
In experiment 1, observers were presented with the compound stimulus for an initial 1-second ®xation interval, giving them an opportunity to attend to the target Gabor, which was identi®ed by being initially oriented 45 degrees clockwise. Both Gabors then began changing along all three feature dimensions for a 10-second tracking interval. At the end of the(More)
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