Vicente Pereg

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between chemical structure and physiological effect, the efficacy and the molecular mechanisms involved in the reduction of body weight by C18 fatty acids (stearic, elaidic, oleic, linoleic and 2-hydroxyoleic acids (2-OHOA)). DESIGN Ad libitum fed, lean Wistar Kyoto rats treated orally with up to 600 mg kg(-1) of(More)
An interdisciplinary panel of specialists met in Mallorca in the first European Symposium on Morbid Obesity entitled; "Morbid Obesity, an Interdisciplinary Approach". During the two and half days of the meeting, the participants discussed several aspects related to pathogenesis, evaluation, and treatment of morbid obesity. The expert panel included basic(More)
Implementation of an intensive, multidisciplinary weight loss program in patients with morbid obesity is reported. This program is based on behavioral changes, lifestyle intervention, medication, and group therapy sessions. Our objective is to show that the results achieved with this two-year weight loss program will be at least similar to those achieved(More)
BACKGROUND We studied whether significant differences exist between Hispanic-Americans (H-A) and Caucasian-Americans (C-A) in body dimensions using a newly validated three-dimensional photonic scanner (3DPS). METHODS We compared two cohorts of 34 adult U.S.-based H-A (19 females) and 40 adult C-A (25 females) of similar age and body mass index (BMI,(More)
Thyroid malignancies have traditionally been under the care of endocrinologists. Thyroid cancer excellent prognosis, its unresponsiveness to conventional chemotherapy, and the specific and peculiar methods in the follow-up are some of the reasons for its particular management. Thyroid Cancer Guidelines have been published by Endocrine Societies both in the(More)
s/. 27. de Groot JW, Zonnenberg BA, van Ufford-Mannesse PQ, de Vries MM, Links TP, Lips CJ, et al. A phase II trial of imatinib therapy for metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2007;92:3466--9. 28. Cohen EE, Rosen LS, Vokes EE, Kies MS, Forastiere AA, Worden FP, et al. Axitinib is an active treatment for all histologic subtypes(More)
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