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—This work represents the first attempt to develop a sensory system, specifically designed for the characterization of wines, which combines three sensory modalities: an array of gas sensors, an array of electrochemical liquid sensors, and an optical system to measure color by means of CIElab coordinates. This new analytical tool, that has been called "(More)
Experimental data concerning the changes in the current-voltage (I-V) performances of a molecular material-based heterojunction consisting of hexadecafluorinated nickel phthalocyanine (Ni(F 16 Pc)) and nickel phthalocyanine (NiPc), (Au|Ni(F 16 Pc)|NiPc|Al) are introduced as an unprecedented principle of transduction for gas sensing performances. The(More)
Ultrathin films of cellulose were functionalized with iron protoporphyrin IX (FePP). Spin-coating allows the production of silylated cellulose films in a controlled way. Cellulose regeneration is achieved through the hydrolyzation of the silane groups, exposing the film to acidic vapors. To enhance the reactivity of the cellulose surface to the(More)
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