Vicente Ortega-Cejas

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Recently, it has been shown that the speed of virus infections can be explained by time-delayed reaction-diffusion [J. Fort and V. Méndez, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 178101 (2002)], but no analytical solutions were found. Here we derive formulas for the front speed, valid in appropriate limits. We also integrate numerically the evolution equations of the system.(More)
We analyze traveling front solutions for a class of reaction-transport Lattice Models (LMs) in order to claim their interest on the description of biological invasions. As lattice models are spatially discrete models, we address here the problem of invasions trough patchy habitats, where every node in the lattice represents a different patch. Distributed(More)
From the continuous-time random walk scheme and assuming a Lévy waiting time distribution typical of subdiffusive transport processes, we study a hyperbolic reaction-diffusion equation involving time fractional derivatives. The linear speed selection of wave fronts in this equation is analyzed. When the reaction-diffusion dimensionless number and the(More)
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