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Predicting Human Brain Activity Associated with the Meanings of Nouns
A computational model is presented that predicts the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) neural activation associated with words for which fMRI data are not yet available, trained with a combination of data from a trillion-word text corpus and observed f MRI data associated with viewing several dozen concrete nouns.
Autism as a neural systems disorder: A theory of frontal-posterior underconnectivity
The autism model succeeds in matching the lower frontal-posterior functional connectivity seen in fMRI data, as well as providing insight into behavioral response time results.
Using fMRI Brain Activation to Identify Cognitive States Associated with Perception of Tools and Dwellings
The ability to reliably identify which of the 10 drawings a participant was viewing, based on that participant's characteristic whole-brain neural activation patterns, is demonstrated, indicating the presence of stable, distributed, communal, and identifiable neural states corresponding to object concepts.
Commonality of neural representations of words and pictures
Findings indicate consistent triggering of semantic representations using different stimulus formats and suggest the presence of stable, distributed, and identifiable neural states that are common to pictorial and verbal input referring to object categories.
Multi-view kernel construction
A new algorithm to leverage information from multiple views for unsupervised clustering by constructing a custom kernel by generating a multipartite graph that induces a kernel the authors then use for spectral clustering.
Exploring commonalities across participants in the neural representation of objects
The extent to which the representation of individual concepts, and their mutual similarity, is shared across participants was revealed in an exploratory study collected while participants viewed line drawings depicting various tools and dwellings.
Extracting Human Face Similarity Judgments: Pairs or Triplets?
Using face similarity data collected on Amazon Mechanical Turk, it is demonstrated that triplet ranking is significantly better for extracting subject-specific preferences, while the two are comparable when pooling across subjects.
Encoding Voxels with Deep Learning
The ventral visual stream is a system of interconnected brain regions capable of hierarchical processing of increasingly complex features and processing starts at the primary level.
Predicting Human Brain Activity Associated with Noun Meanings
Recent brain imaging studies have shown that different spatial patterns of neural activation are associated with thinking about different semantic categories of words and pictures (e.g., tools,
Graphical models for functional connectivity
A lack of functional integration has been proposed as a signature of many degenerative and developmental disorders, including schizophrenia and autism (Just et al., 2004). These connectivity patterns