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We analyze the social network emerging from the user comment activity on the website Slashdot. The network presents common features of traditional social networks such as a giant component, small average path length and high clustering, but differs from them showing moderate reciprocity and neutral assortativity by degree. Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov(More)
We study the impact of collusion –nepotistic linking– in a Web graph in terms of Pagerank. We prove a bound on the Pagerank increase that depends both on the reset probability of the random walk ε and on the original Pagerank of the colluding set. In particular, due to the power law distribution of Pagerank, we show that highly-ranked Web sites do not(More)
—In this work, we will introduce linear autoassocia-tive neural (AN) network filters for the removal of additive noise from one-dimensional (1-D) time series. The AN network will have a (2 + 1) (2 + 1) architecture, and for fixed, we will show how to choose the optimal value and output coordinate from square error estimates between the AN filter outputs and(More)
We perform a statistical analysis of user's reaction time to a new discussion thread in online debates on the popular news site Slashdot. First, we show with Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests that a mixture of two log-normal distributions combined with the circadian rhythm of the community is able to explain with surprising accuracy the reaction time of comments(More)
The population dynamics of an ensemble of nonleaky integrate-and-fire stochastic neurons is studied. The model selected allows for a detailed analysis of situations where noise plays a dominant role. Simulations in a regime with weak to moderate interactions show that a mechanism of excitatory message interchange among the neurons leads to a decrease in the(More)
Nowadays, advances in technology enable us to easily assist patients with mobility impairment, so they may remain safe and comfortable at home. However, not everyone has experience using new technology. Their human-machine interfaces may become difficult to use, especially for people with motor limitations and little experience with the technology. In this(More)
The many-to-many social communication activity on the popular technology-news website Slashdot has been studied. We have concentrated on the dynamics of message production without considering semantic relations and have found regular temporal patterns in the reaction time of the community to a news-post as well as in single user behavior. The statistics of(More)
Current sensor networks need to be improved and updated to satisfy new essential requirements of the Internet of Things, where cutting-edge applications will appear. These requirements are: total coverage, zero fails (high performance), scalability and sustainability (hardware and software). We are going to evaluate Bluetooth Low Energy as wireless(More)
Power consumption is recognized to be one of the key design parameters towards the deployment of effective and fully operational wireless sensor networks. Many studies and efforts are currently under way for developing better power management strategies. Towards this end, various simulation tools are being developed for enabling the analysis of the impact(More)