Vicente González

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Variability in production is one of the largest factors that negatively impacts construction project performance. A common construction practice to protect production systems from variability is the use of buffers (Bf). Construction practitioners and researchers have proposed buffering approaches for different production situations, but these approaches(More)
The main goal of this research project was to retest the validity of a specifically designed judo field test (Santos Test) in a different group of judokas. Eight (n=8) national-level male judokas underwent laboratory and field testing. The mean data (mean +/- SD) obtained in the laboratory tests was: HRmax: 200 ± 4.0 beats × min(-1), VO2 max: 52.8 ± 7.9 ±(More)
Enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome is a clinical condition characterized for a progressive perceptive deafness linked to a broadening of vestibular aqueduct greater than 1.5 mm without other otic abnormal structures. We report the case of a 2-year-old child with such congenital malformation. We have reviewed the actual literature and point out its(More)
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