Vicente Chirivella González

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BACKGROUND This study was designed to evaluate the effects of a low intensity general training program (< 50% of heart rate reserve) on physical fitness of healthy older subjects, by comparing maximal and submaximal indices of training response. METHODS Twenty-two volunteers over 60 years of age participated in the present study. The sample was randomly(More)
The main goal of this research project was to retest the validity of a specifically designed judo field test (Santos Test) in a different group of judokas. Eight (n=8) national-level male judokas underwent laboratory and field testing. The mean data (mean +/- SD) obtained in the laboratory tests was: HRmax: 200 ± 4.0 beats × min(-1), VO2 max: 52.8 ± 7.9 ±(More)
AIM The aim of the study was to measure the physiological demands of a group of high-level female judokas through laboratory tests and field tests (Tatami) and to retest the validity of the Santos test on a different population. METHODS Eight high-level female judokas participated in the study. Heart rate (HR), maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max), blood(More)
Despite the ever-increasing mechanization of industrial activities, coal mining still remains a physically demanding occupation as it is not always possible to extensively mechanize the extraction process. To estimate the physical effort necessary to sustain coal mining activities in a poorly-mechanized mine, cardiac frequency (fc) was measured throughout(More)
Cardiac frequency (f c) was recorded in 101 coal-face miners [mean age 32.7 (range 21–49) years, mean height 169.6 (range 150–185) cm, mean body mass 76.9 (range 54–106) kg, mean maximal cardiac frequency (f cmax) 180.2 (range 154–197) beats min−1, mean maximal oxygen uptake $$(\dot VO_{2max} )$$ 2.93 (range 1.9–4.0) l · min−1] with a small-size,(More)
The term athlete's heart refers to an increased left ventricular mass. Few studies have assessed the prevalence and normal upper limit of cardiac hypertrophy in highly trained cyclists and this was the aim of this study. A group of 40 professional road cyclists [mean age 26 (SD 3) years] who had participated in European competitions for 3–10 years, were(More)
Maximal O2 consumption (V˙O2max) is an index of the capacity for work over an 8 h workshift. Running on a treadmill is the most common method of eliciting it, because it is an easy, natural exercise, and also, by engaging large muscle masses, larger values are obtained than by other exercises. It has been claimed, however, that climbing a laddermill elicits(More)
The main goal of this research project was to design a specific, simple, and noninvasive field test to determine the individual aerobic-anaerobic transition zone in judokas. Our aim was to develop a field test as close as possible to real judo combat. Eight state- and national-level judokas participated in the study. To find the reliability of our test, all(More)
BACKGROUND Cervical cancer remains an important cause of cancer mortality for Mexican women. HPV 16/18 typing may help to improve cervical cancer screening. Here we present the prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV) including HPV16 and HPV18 from the FRIDA (Forwarding Research for Improved Detection and Access) population. METHODS Beginning(More)