Vicente Bustos

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the role of key enzymes in the methionine-homocysteine metabolism (MHM) in the physiopathology of preeclampsia (PE). METHODS Plasma and placenta from pregnant women (32 controls and 16 PE patients) were analyzed after informed consent. Protein was quantified by western blot. RNA was obtained with RNA purification kit and was(More)
In this work, we present a density-dependent diffusional model which, coupled to three different types of growth, permitted us to study the infective potential of a bacteria species. The results show that those species with strong internal competency have the higher colonizing capacity in terms of invasion speed. Here, we also advanced a model for the(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the many studies trying to evaluate the magnitude of suicide in Chile, none of them include the new valid data, recently published by the DEIS of the Chilean Health Ministry. AIM This paper sought to describe how suicide rates changed among Chileans who were at least 15 years of age during the period of 2001-2010; these rates were(More)
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