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—Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology has become a viable target for the implementation of real time algorithms suited to video image processing applications. The unique architecture of the FPGA has allowed the technology to be used in many applications encompassing all aspects of video image processing. Among those algorithms, linear filtering(More)
This paper presents a hand-shape biometric system based on a novel feature extraction methodology using the morphological pattern spectrum or pecstrum. Identification experiments were carried out using the obtained feature vectors as an input to some recognition systems using neural networks and support vector machine (SVM) techniques, obtaining in average(More)
This paper presents a wavelet neural-network for learning and approximation of chaotic time series. Wavelet networks are a class of neural network that take advantage of good localization and approximation properties of multiresolution analysis. These networks use wavelets as activation functions in the hidden layer and a hierarchical method is used for(More)