Vicente Alarcón Aquino

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In this paper we present a comparative simulation study of three denoising algorithms using wavelets. The denoising algorithms (i.e., universal threshold, minimax threshold and rigorous SURE threshold) have been used to remove white Gaussian noise from synthetic and real signals. The analysis is done by applying soft and hard thresholds to signals with(More)
P300 evoked potential is an electroencephalographic (EEG) signal obtained at the central-parietal region of the brain in response to rare or unexpected events. In this work, an experiment on the detection of a P-300 rhythm for potential applications on brain computer interfaces (BCI) using an Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy algorithm (ANFIS) is presented. The P300(More)
This paper presents an application-based model for classifying and identifying attacks in a communications network and therefore guarantees its safety from HTTP protocol-based malicious commands. The proposed model is based on a recurrent neural network architecture and it is therefore suitable to work online and for analyzing non-linear patterns in real(More)
This paper presents a project on the development of a cursor control emulating the typical operations of a computer-mouse, using gyroscope and eye-blinking electromyographic signals which are obtained through a commercial 16-electrode wireless headset, recently released by Emotiv. The cursor position is controlled using information from a gyroscope included(More)
Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology has become a viable target for the implementation of real time algorithms suited to video image processing applications. The unique architecture of the FPGA has allowed the technology to be used in many applications encompassing all aspects of video image processing. Among those algorithms, linear filtering(More)
This paper presents a wavelet neural-network for learning and approximation of chaotic time series. Wavelet networks are a class of neural network that take advantage of good localization and approximation properties of multiresolution analysis. These networks use wavelets as activation functions in the hidden layer and a hierarchical method is used for(More)