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This paper presents the study of the Access Selection (AS) problem in a multi-access wireless network. The contributions of this paper could be classified in two groups. Firstly, we extend previous investigations in terms of performance results, regarding a system-level dynamic evaluation. Performance indicators like coverage, SNR, rate and offered traffic(More)
Modern wireless systems employ adaptive techniques to provide high throughput while observing desired coverage, QoS (quality of service) and capacity. An alternative to further enhance data rate is to apply cognitive radio concepts, where a system is able to exploit unused spectrum on existing licensed bands by " sensing " the spectrum and opportunistically(More)
— As wireless technology evolve, we are seeing a tendency toward cooperative composite networks in which the diversity user demands can be properly met. The Radio Resource Management (RRM) in such a network paradigm is a fascinating field of study and finding a cost-effective RRM solution is one of the greatest challenge faced by scientists today. This(More)
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