Vicente A. Gonzalez

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This study investigates the diversity of fungal endophytes associated with several varieties of grapevines with differing modes of cultivation in the Madrid region (central Spain). Our goal is to screen for and identify new fungal biocontrol agents against vine diseases, especially those associated with young plants produced in nurseries. A total of 500(More)
The order Diatrypales (Ascomycota) contains one single family, the Diatrypaceae. To obtain insight in the phylogenetic relationships within this family, the complete sequences of the ITS region (ITS1, 5.8S rRNA gene and ITS2) of 53 isolates from the five main genera in the family (Diatrype, Diatrypella, Cryptosphaeria, Eutypa and Eutypella) were determined(More)
Scheduled public transport (PT) service on a defined network often encounters unforeseen variations of arrival times mainly because of traffic problems, unexpected passenger demand, and driver behavior. These variations will create the undesirable vehicle (particularly bus) bunching phenomenon unless a proper control action is introduced. This study(More)
BACKGROUND The learning process for medical semiology depends on multidisciplinary teaching activities, including simulation tools. These tools should achieve a standardization level aiming at a same level of basic knowledge in each student. AIM To evaluate an interactive online semiology learning tool. MATERIAL AND METHODS An interactive online(More)
The use of simulation to imitate real-life scenarios reaches back many centuries. In the last decade, the use of simulation in healthcare has gained acceptance as a valuable tool for teaching and learning technical and nontechnical skills in healthcare. The use of simulation technology has moved medical education from the standard of pen and paper(More)
Rituximab is a plausible alternative first-line treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitis. Adverse effects related to its infusion are common and usually have a benign course. However, there have been reports of refractory cardiogenic shock simulating septic shock. We report an 81-year-old male with the diagnosis of ANCA associated vasculitis. Rituximab 500(More)
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