Vicent Caselles

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A novel scheme for the detection of object boundaries is presented. The technique is based on active contours evolving in time according to intrinsic geometric measures of the image. The evolving contours naturally split and merge, allowing the simultaneous detection of several objects and both interior and exterior boundaries. The proposed approach is(More)
We call “natural” image any photograph of an outdoor or indoor scene taken by a standard camera. We discuss the physical generation process of natural images as a combination of occlusions, transparencies and contrast changes. This description fits to the phenomenological description of Gaetano Kanizsa according to which visual perception tends to remain(More)
A variational approach for filling-in regions of missing data in digital images is introduced. The approach is based on joint interpolation of the image gray levels and gradient/isophotes directions, smoothly extending in an automatic fashion the isophote lines into the holes of missing data. This interpolation is computed by solving the variational problem(More)
We propose an algorithm to increase the resolution of multispectral satellite images knowing the panchromatic image at high resolution and the spectral channels at lower resolution. Our algorithm is based on the assumption that, to a large extent, the geometry of the spectral channels is contained in the topographic map of its panchromatic image. This(More)
In a number of disciplines, directional data provides a fundamental source of information. A novel framework for isotropic and anisotropic diffusion of directions is presented in this paper. The framework can be applied both to denoise directional data and to obtain multiscale representations of it. The basic idea is to apply and extend results from the(More)
Inpainting is the art of modifying an image in a form that is not detectable by an ordinary observer. There are numerous and very different approaches to tackle the inpainting problem, though as explained in this paper, the most successful algorithms are based upon one or two of the following three basic techniques: copy-and-paste texture synthesis,(More)
In this paper, we present a discussion about perceptual-based color correction of digital images in the framework of variational techniques. We propose a novel image functional whose minimization produces a perceptually inspired color enhanced version of the original. The variational formulation permits a more flexible local control of contrast adjustment(More)
We present a novel formulation of exemplar-based inpainting as a global energy optimization problem, written in terms of the offset map. The proposed energy function combines a data attachment term that ensures the continuity of reconstruction at the boundary of the inpainting domain with a smoothness term that ensures a visually coherent reconstruction(More)