Vicenç Torra

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One of the properties that the OWA operator satisfies is commutativity. This condition, that is not satisfied by the weighted mean, stands for equal reliability of all the information sources that supply the data. In this article we define a new combination function, the WOWA (Weighted OWA), that combines the advantages of the OWA operator and the ones of(More)
k-Anonymity is a useful concept to solve the tension between data utility and respondent privacy in individual data (microdata) protection. However, the generalization and suppression approach proposed in the literature to achieve k-anonymity is not equally suited for all types of attributes: (i) generalization/suppression is one of the few possibilities(More)
k-Anonymity is a privacy property requiring that all combinations of key attributes in a database be repeated at least for k records. It has been shown that k-anonymity alone does not always ensure privacy. A number of sophistications of k-anonymity have been proposed, like p-sensitive k-anonymity, l-diversity and t-closeness. This paper explores the(More)
Abstract. We introduce the anonymization of unstructured documents to settle the base of automatic declassification of confidential documents. Departing from known ideas and methods of data privacy, we introduce the main issues of unstructured document anonymization and propose the use of named entity recognition techniques from natural language processing(More)
We present in this paper the first empirical comparison of SDC methods for microdata which encompasses both continuous and categorical microdata. Based on re-identification experiments, we try to optimize the tradeoff between information loss and disclosure risk. First, relevant SDC methods for continuous and categorical microdata are identified. Then(More)