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The application of Lattice Reduction techniques over the MIMO channel matrix is known to improve the performance of MIMO detectors. Several authors have proposed Lattice-Reduction-Aided K-Best detectors for improving the performance of conventional K-Best algorithms. In this paper, efficient ways of decreasing the computational complexity of previously(More)
The paper deals with the design and implementation on FPGA of an intermediate frequency transceiver for OFDM-based WLAN. The circuit has been particularized for the HIPERLAN/2 standard, but most of the work can be generalized to IEEE 802.11a/g standards. The system is composed of three main blocks (autocorrelator, CORDIC, and FFT processor) that are used in(More)
Sphere Decoding (SD) algorithms have been shown to provide maximum likelihood (ML) detection over Gaussian multiple input-multiple output (MIMO) channels with lower complexity than the exhaustive search. These methods are based on a closest lattice point search over a limited search space (hypersphere). There exist several implementations of these(More)