Vic Velanovich

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BACKGROUND Achalasia is a relatively rare disorder with a variety of treatment options. Although laparoscopic Heller myotomy has become the surgical treatment of choice, little data exist on the overall quality of life of patients undergoing this technique versus standard open approaches. METHODS We prospectively evaluated all patients surgically treated(More)
An underlying assumption of quality of life outcome research is that after some intervention a "steady-state" of quality of life is reached which can be identified as an endpoint, and, hence, the "outcome." However, in some disease processes, no so such steady-state is reached. The hypothesis presented is that a disease process with a waxing and waning(More)
Primary peritoneal cystadenocarcinoma is a rare tumor of similar histogenic origin as primary ovarian carcinoma. We present a case of primary peritoneal serous cystadenocarcinoma mimicking advanced colorectal cancer in a 68 yr-old African American female. Radiology, endoscopy and cytology yielded only inconclusive findings. Immunohistochemical analysis of(More)
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