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In C. Reading (Ed.), Data and context in statistics education: Towards an evidence-based society. In these two papers we review teaching statistics, statistical education and related outreach activities by a range of providers since the beginning of the last century. We discuss the extent and form of relevant published papers, books and conferences and give(More)
In this part we consider how we have learned that statistics provides the best way to make evidence-based decisions and solve problems. From this we propose that more people should teach the subject using a problem solving approach. The emergence of a pedagogy for statistics is another key lesson. We present challenges that still exist, especially in(More)
1. Introduction Few statisticians have not met the frustration of facing a problem which cries out for statistical treatment but where there is blank refusal to use such methods. Excuses range from "we don't need to be clever about it" or "we all know you people can prove anything" or "we've got a computer package to do that should we ever wish to". At the(More)
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