Vibhuti P Dave

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Development of immature T-cell precursors (thymocytes) to either the CD4 helper or CD8 killer T-cell lineages correlates precisely with their T-cell receptor specificity for major histocompatibility complex class II or class I molecules, respectively, indicating that the process is carefully regulated. Although intensively studied owing to its importance in(More)
Maturation of immature CD4-CD8- (DN) thymocytes to the CD4+CD8+ (DP) stage of development is driven by signals transduced through a pre-T cell receptor (TCR) complex, whose hallmark is a novel subunit termed pre-T alpha (pT alpha). However, the precise role of pre-TCRs in mediating the DN to DP transition remains unclear. Moreover, progress in understanding(More)
Vpu is a multifunctional accessory protein that enhances the release of HIV-1 by counteracting the entrapment of nascent virions on infected cell surface mediated by BST2/Tetherin. Vpu-mediated BST2 antagonism involves physical association with BST2 and subsequent mislocalization of the restriction factor to intracellular compartments followed by(More)
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