Vibhakar Pathak

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Spectrum scarceness is one of the major challenges that the present world is facing. The efficient use of existing licensed spectrum is becoming most critical as growing demand of the radio spectrum. Different researches show that the use of licensed are not utilized inefficiently. It has been also shown that primary user does not use more than 70% of the(More)
The growing rate of data is a challenging task for mined useful association rule in data mining field. The classical association rule mining generates rule with various problems such as pruning passes of transactional database, generation of negative rules and superiority of rule set. Time to time several researches modifies classical association rule(More)
In cognitive radio networks, the secondary user network are allowed to utilize the underutilized frequency bands of primary user network on non-interfering basis. To achieve this task, the secondary users (SU) are required to sense the RF environment, and once the primary user (PU) is found to be active, the SU have to give up the channel within certain(More)
Nowadays, It has been shown that spectrum scarcity increased due to tremendous growth of new players in wireless base system by the evolution of the radio communication. Resent survey found that there are many areas of the radio spectrum that are occupied by authorized user/primary user (PU), which are not fully utilized. Cognitive radios (CR) prove to next(More)
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