Vibha Patel

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Day by day the number of text documents in digital form is increasing. Text classification is used to organize these text documents. However, text classification has the problem of high dimensionality of feature space. This high dimensionality of feature space is solved by feature selection and feature extraction methods and improves the performance of text(More)
This paper presents a new sparse matrix format ALIGNED_COO, an extension to COO format to optimize performance of large sparse matrix having skewed distribution of non-zero elements. Load balancing, alignment and synchronization free distribution of work load are three important factors to improve performance of sparse matrices representing power-law graph.(More)
Edge detection servers as a footstone step in image and video processing. These detected edges can further be given as input to other higher level applications like image enhancement, object recognition, object tracking etc. Literature provides various algorithms for edge detection in various domains. At the same time the process is extremely computational(More)
We present JolokiaC++, an annotation based compiler framework which generates high quality CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) code for GPUs. Our contributions include: (1) developing explicit and implicit annotations with illustrations of their use in C++, (2) showing the utility of these annotations by providing comparison code snippets, which(More)
Intrusion Detection is the problem of identifying unauthorized use, misuse and abuse of computer systems. Outside attacks are not the only problem, the threat of authorized users misusing and abusing their privileges is an equally pressing concern. The proliferation of heterogeneous computer networks has additional implications for the intrusion detection(More)
We present JolokiaC++ a compiler framework to ease coding of irregular data applications on GPUs. The effectiveness of the compiler and runtime systems of JolokiaC++ is tested using three kernels IRREG, MOLDYN and NBF, executed on NVIDIA GPUs. We developed extensions for the generic parallel constructs that allow portable and efficient programming of codes(More)
In this paper, we propose a new re-ordering technique for improving the performance of Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication (SpMV) for systems supported with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). We conducted the test by applying SpMV on solver based applications which are widely used in the domain of engineering and science. We studied and analyzed the existing(More)
This paper presents a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) based solution for classical geometric hashing and its variation with transformation functions on Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF) space of images. GPU based classical geometric hashing provides speed-up of 14.0x to 61.0x for offline indexing and 1.08x to 10.06x for online searching compared to(More)
Data mining is a technique of extracting hidden predictive information from large databases. The important information discovery from the data is more needed in many areas like industries, education, web mining, text mining, etc. Among this text mining is very important in social media. Text mining also referred as the process of deriving information from(More)