Vibeke Simonsen

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This review has served to present the most recent information on a selected series of biomarker studies undertaken on soil invertebrates during two extensive European-funded scientific consortia, BIOPRINT and BIOPRINT-II. The goals were to develop and validate methods for the analysis of markers of stress in a range of soil-dwelling organisms. We have(More)
The molecular mechanism of silver nanoparticle (AgNP) toxicity, particularly its temporal aspect, is currently limited in the literature. This study seeks to identify and profile changes in molecular response patterns over time during soil exposure of the earthworm Eisenia fetida to AgNPs (82±27 nm) with reference to dissolved silver salt (AgNO₃). Principal(More)
BACKGROUND Flower visiting insects provide a vitally important pollination service for many crops and wild plants. Recent decline of pollinating insects due to anthropogenic modification of habitats and climate, in particular from 1950's onwards, is a major and widespread concern. However, few studies document the extent of declines in species diversity,(More)
During the past three decades, North Atlantic populations of dogwhelks have been severely reduced in numbers, due to imposex and female sterility caused by TBT. We examined the relationship between the known history of female sterility and the present genetic diversity (measured by five allozyme-loci) and phenotypic variance (measured by nine quantitative(More)