Viatcheslav Zaitsev

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Paramyxoviruses are the leading cause of respiratory disease in children. Several paramyxoviruses possess a surface glycoprotein, the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN), that is involved in attachment to sialic acid receptors, promotion of fusion, and removal of sialic acid from infected cells and progeny virions. Previously we showed that Newcastle disease(More)
Bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) represents the osteoinductive protein factor which plays a dominant role in growth and regeneration of a bone tissue. In clinical practice the bone grafting materials on the basis of rhBMP-2 are widely applied; the Russian analogues of similar materials are not produced. The fragment of the bmp2gene coding for a mature(More)
We describe a new method for the asymmetric synthesis of [(18)F]fluorinated aromatic alpha-amino acids (FAA) under phase transfer conditions using achiral glycine derivative NiPBPGly and (S)-NOBIN as a novel substrate/catalyst pair. The key alkylation step proceeds under mild conditions. Substituted [(18)F]fluorobenzylbromides were prepared using(More)
A procedure has been developed to prepare live aortic allografts, which consists in taking a valve early after a donor's death, sterilizing it in antibiotics and freezing it to -190 degrees C in the presence of the cryoprotective agent dimethylsulfoxide. The preservation of valve tissue is evidenced by morphological studies. The first 3 operations for(More)
The analysis of the unfavourable outcomes of dental care based on the materials of forensic medical examinations carried out by the Bureau of Forensic Medical Expertise, Moscow Department of Health.