Viatcheslav Popovsky

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This article establishes a context for secure information systems development as well as a set of models used to develop and apply a secure software production pedagogy. A generic system model is presented to support the system context development, and to provide a framework for discussing security relationships that exist between and among information(More)
Nowhere is the problem of lack of human capital more keenly felt than in the field of cybersecurity where the numbers and quality of well-trained graduates are woefully lacking [10]. In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences indicted the US education system as the culprit contributing to deficiencies in our technical workforce, sounding the alarm that we(More)
An approach to the multitensor description of telecommunication network attending for a great amount of user traffics being transmitted between the multitude of network units is considered. In order to provide the multiple-aspect description of the telecommunication network (TCN), its mathematical model is represented as a mixed-dimensional geometric object(More)
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