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A history of professional accounting societies in St Petersburg
This article deals with the history of the public accountancy movement in St Petersburg, Russia, and covers the period from its origins at the end of the nineteenth century up to the present day. It
Accounting in state-owned companies operated for the production and sale of alcohol in Russia in the fifteenth-seventeenth centuries
The purpose of this study is to research the accounting method used in state-owned companies operated for alcohol production and sale in Russia in the fifteenth–seventeenth centuries. Such an
Russia. Can IFRS Be Considered Accounting
What are the drivers for, and barriers to, IFRS adoption? It is not the fact that people are lazy and conservative that represents the key deterrent for IFRS adoption, but the nature of this system
Applying IFRS in Russia
Accounting for vodka in Russia
Development of the Accounting Profession Illustrated by the History of Russian Accounting Societies
An analysis of the background of Professional Accountants’ movement in Russia is necessary not only to understand the current state of Accounting Profession in this country in the environment of a
History of accounting research in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) after World War II
This paper reviews the structure of scientific research in Accounting in the USSR in the post war period. The analysis is performed on the basis of materials of the Leningrad Club of Accountants