Viatcheslav Dmitriev

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Chicken lines produced by divergent selection for the functional adrenal reserves showed significant between-line differences in the content of corticosterone and other hormones (thyroxin, progesterone), as well as in body weight, early maturation, and egg yield. DNA fingerprinting with the pGB725 probe revealed molecular changes in genomic DNA of the(More)
Study of prostaglandin F2 alpha action, synchronizing the estrus, in experiments on heifers demonstrated that Estrumeit (made by ICI, Great Britain), rostaglandin F2 alpha drug, in a dose of 500 micrograms was an active luteolytic factor, leading to the corpus luteum regress, determined by a fall in the progesteron level in the peripheral blood. During the(More)
The effect of arginine-vasotocin (50 ng ml-1) on the in vitro production of progesterone, testosterone, and oestradiol by isolated cow and chicken ovarian follicles and mouse ovaries was studied. This peptide (1) enhanced the release of progesterone into the medium by the ovarian tissues of all three species of animal; (2) inhibited the production of(More)
The growth of ovary follicules was accompanied by a considerable decrease in the secretion of progesterone, testosterone and estradiol, as well as by a decrease of the estradiol share in total hormone production,--both in hens and in cows. The hens also revealed a decrease of the testosterone share and an increase of the progesterone share in total hormone(More)