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Continuing professional development (CPD) can take a number of formats. Technology can play a key role in the delivery of CPD in the construction industry. Learning is a complex set of interrelated cognitive processes. For higher education, the intensive resource requirements required in the development of e-learning content and the challenges in(More)
The need for continued access and provision to continuing professional development (CPD) has been recognised by the construction sector. Accessing formal CPD opportunities, while working full-time in the construction industry, is a challenging undertaking. In attempting to strike a balance between learning, the technologies available to deliver learning and(More)
E-learning has occurred in the academic world in different forms since the early 1990s. Its use varies from interactive multimedia tools and simulation environments to static resources within learning management systems. E-learning tools and environments are no longer criticised for their lack of use in higher education in general and within the(More)
The role of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in education is undisputed globally. Therefore, many developed and developing countries have invested heavily in the ICT sector in education. Saudi Arabia is one of these countries. However, although it has invested massively in the ICT sector in education, the progression has often been(More)
Learning is a complex set of interrelated cognitive processes. In higher education changes that can be identified are the need to become more flexible in the delivery of lifelong learning opportunities to meet the needs of construction professionals and integrating e-learning technology in the delivery of these programmes. The evolution of ICT continues at(More)
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