Viacheslav P. Belavkin

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We give an explicit axiomatic formulation of the quantum measurement theory which is free of the projection postulate. It is based on the generalized nondemolition principle applicable also to the unsharp, continuous– spectrum and continuous-in-time observations. The “collapsed state–vector” after the “objectification” is simply treated as a random vector(More)
We deduce the most general kinetic equation that describe the low density limit of general Feller processes for the systems of random number of particles with interaction, collisions, fragmentation and coagulation. This is done by studying the limiting as ε → 0 evolution of Feller processes on ∪∞n Xn with X = Rd or X = Zd described by the generators of the(More)
The pure quantum entanglement is generalized to the case of mixed compound states on an operator algebra to include the classical and quantum encodings as particular cases. The true quantum entanglements are characterized by quantum couplings which are described as transpose-CP, but not Completely Positive (CP), trace-normalized linear positive maps of the(More)