Viacheslav Li

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In the present study we tested the hypothesis that the cyclophilin D-dependent (CyD) mitochondrial permeability transition (CyD-mPT) plays an important role in glutamate-triggered delayed calcium deregulation (DCD) and excitotoxic neuronal death. We used cultured cortical neurons from wild-type C57BL/6 and cyclophilin D-knockout mice (Ppif(-/-)). Induction(More)
Cultured hippocampal neurons expressing mitochondrially-targeted enhanced yellow fluorescent protein (mito-eYFP) were used to quantitatively examine mitochondrial remodelling in response to excitotoxic glutamate. Mitochondrial morphology was evaluated using laser spinning-disk confocal microscopy followed by calibrated image processing and 3D image(More)
Cultures of human epidermal cells may be used to generate epidermis on athymic recipients. We describe two novel techniques for grafting such cultures. Both techniques permit the generation of typical human epidermis within 7 d. Both techniques result in less graft contraction than conventional grafting, and there is no difficulty in distinguishing the(More)
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