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The Human Rights Regime in the Americas T human rights regime in the Americas is one of several regional regimes underpinning and complementing the international system by which human rights are promoted and enforced. Th ese regimes manifest the perpetual eff ort to reconcile the aspirational ideals of universal human rights with the realist, power-driven(More)
The hugely increased normative ambitions of international society are nowhere more visible than in the field of human rights and democracy – in the idea that the relationship between ruler and ruled, state and citizen, should be a subject of legitimate international concern; that the ill treatment of citizens and the absence of democratic governance should(More)
A range of scholars and policy advocates have proposed formulaic (or ‘top-down’) approaches for calculating countries’ fair shares of the global effort to mitigate climate change. The practical relevance of top-down proposals has become increasingly uncertain as climate change negotiations since the 2009 Copenhagen Accord have adopted a ‘bottom-up’ or(More)
The determination of the components of the sialoliths is important both from the point of view of chances for a successful medical treatment of the patients and because the prevention of further re-occurrence of sialolithiasis depends upon the knowledge of the nature of the constituents of the concrements. Despite the fact that infrared spectroscopy is(More)
A emerging from war or authoritarianism seeks to reckon with past human rights atrocities that, if not addressed, can threaten the state’s legitimacy and democratic foundations. It is in the interests of sustainable peacebuilding and democratic consolidation to promote reconciliation and healing, and foster human rights and the rule of law. In order to(More)
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