Vesselin Nikolov

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Research on giant vesicles is becoming increasingly popular. Giant vesicles provide model biomembrane systems for systematic measurements of mechanical and rheological properties of bilayers as a function of membrane composition and temperature, as well as hydrodynamic interactions. Membrane response to external factors (for example electric fields, ions(More)
The magneto-therapy is very often used actual method in medicine. It’s important to be provided permanent monitoring of values of magnetic induction in every point around the human body and in the human body during the procedure of therapy. If one visualization of space distribution of values of magnetic induction in the patient’s area would be available on(More)
We study changes in curvature and elastic properties of lipid membranes induced by anchoring of long hydrophilic polymers at low polymer surface concentrations (corresponding to the mushroom regime). The effect of anchored polymers on the membrane spontaneous curvature is characterized by monitoring the changes in the fluctuation spectra and the morphology(More)
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