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The multistep synthesis of a series of new substituted-benzothiazoles as hydrochloride or quaternary salts is described. 6-Amidino substituted 2-aminobenzothiazoles (5, 6), N-methyl-2-(4-cyanostyryl)benzothiazolium iodide (8), cyano-substituted-2-styrylbenzothiazoles (9-11) and amidino and bis-amidino-substituted 2-styrylbenzothiazoles (12-17) were(More)
The efficient synthesis of new bis-substituted nitro-amidino, amino-amidino (10a, 10b-13a, 13b) and previously prepared diamidino 2-phenyl-benzothiazoles (9a, 9b) is described. The compounds 11a and 11b were prepared by recently developed methodology of the key precursors in zwitterionic form 8a and 8b with 4-nitrobenzoylchloride in a very good yield (70%).(More)
A series of new diamidino-, diisopropylamidino-, and diimidazolinyl-substituted derivatives of phenyl benzothiazolyl and dibenzothiazolyl furans and thiophenes were successfully prepared and evaluated for their antiproliferative activity on tumor cell lines in vitro, DNA binding propensity, and sequence selectivity as well as cellular distribution. A strong(More)
Novel derivatives of 6-amino-2-phenylbenzothiazole bearing different substituents (amino, dimethylamino or fluoro) on the phenyl ring were prepared as the corresponding hydrochloride salts. 6-Nitro-2-(substituted-phenyl)benzothiazoles (1-6) were synthesized by condensation reactions of substituted benzaldehydes with 2-amino-5-nitrothiophenol. Nitro(More)
Novel diamidino substituted conformationally restricted derivatives of bis-benzothiazolyl-pyridines and pyrazine were synthesized and their antiproliferative activity against several human cancer cell lines were determinated. The synthetic approach used for preparation of isomeric amidinobenzotiazolyl disubstituted pyridines 3a-3k and pyrazine 3l was(More)
The reaction of 2-methyl-1,3-benzothiazole (mebta) with mercuryII chloride in methanol in a 1:1 molar ratio resulted in the formation of single crystals of the title compound, [HgCl2(C8H7NS)]n. The molecules exist as continuous chlorine-bridged chains in which Hg atoms lie in distorted trigonal bipyramidal environments. The equatorial positions are occupied(More)
The title complex, [ZnCl(2)(C(7)H(6)N(2)S)(2)], contains a Zn centre with a distorted tetrahedral coordination sphere, involving two Cl(-) ligands and two endocyclic N atoms from the thiazole moiety [Zn-Cl = 2.2284 (7) and 2.2236 (7) A, and Zn-N = 2.081 (2) and 2.041 (2) A]. The interplanar angle between the two ligands is 79.32 (6) degrees. The amino(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate antitumor activity of novel fluoro-substituted 6-amino-2-phenylbenzothiazole hydrochloride salts in vitro and in vivo. A novel series of hydrochloride or dihydrochloride salts of the novel 2-(fluoro-substituted phenyl)-6-aminobenzothiazoles (5-7) have been prepared in multistep synthesis starting from 3- or(More)
The electron impact mass spectra of some bis-(2-benzothiazolyl)furans and bis-(2-benzothiazolyl)thiophenes have been recorded and the identity of various ions in the mass spectra established. Compounds 1 and 2 present model substances and it is found that their fragmentation pathway is similar to the mono-(2-benzothiazoles). Compounds where the(More)
Novel amidino-derivatives of phenylene-bisbenzothiazoles were synthesized and tested for their antiproliferative activity against several human cancer cell lines, as well as DNA-binding properties. The synthetic approach used for preparation of isomeric amidino substituted-phenylene-bis-benzothyazoles 3a-3f was achieved by condensation reaction of(More)