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The safety control of dams is based on measurements of parameters of interest such as seepage flows, seepage water clarity, piezometric levels, water levels, pressures, deformations or movements, temperature variations, loading conditions, etc. Interpretation of these large sets of available data is very important for dam health monitoring and it is based(More)
Predicting water quality is the key factor in the water quality management of reservoirs. Since a large number of factors affect the water quality, traditional data processing methods are no longer good enough for solving the problem. The dissolved oxygen (DO) level is a measure of the health of the aquatic system and its prediction is very important. DO(More)
The paper presents the application of support vector regression (SVR) to accurate forecasting of the tangential displacement of a concrete dam. The SVR nonlinear autoregressive model with exogenous inputs (NARX) was developed and tested using experimental data collected during fourteen years. A total of 573 data were used for training of the SVR model(More)
Nonlinear system identification via Feedforward Neural Networks (FNN) and Digital Recurrent Network (DRN) is studied in this paper. The standard backpropagation algorithm is used to train the FNN. A dynamic backpropagation algorithm is employed to adapt weights and biases of the DRN. The neural networks are trained using the identified error between the(More)
Primljeno (Received): 2011-10-10 Prihvaćeno (Accepted): 2011-12-21 Original scientific paper Dynamical systems contain nonlinear relations which are difficult to model with conventional techniques. Hence, efficient nonlinear models are needed for system analysis, optimization, simulation and diagnosis of nonlinear systems. In recent years,(More)
Low Reynolds number airflow in the pulmonary acinus and aerosol particle kinetics therein are significantly conditioned by the nature of the tidal motion of alveolar duct geometry. At least two components of the ductal structure are known to exhibit stress-strain hysteresis: smooth muscle within the alveolar entrance rings, and surfactant at the air-tissue(More)
The nonlinear system identification via Digital Recurrent Network (DRN) has been studied in this paper. Robots are complex nonlinear dynamic systems with unmodeled dynamics and unstructured uncertainties. In this paper the identification is performed of the complex nonlinear dynamics of the two-link industrial robot. The results of simulation show that the(More)