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While software is so important for all facets of the modern world, software development itself is not a perfect process. Agile software engineering methods have recently emerged as a new and different way of developing software as compared to the traditional method-ologies. However, their success has mostly been anecdotal, and research in this subject is(More)
The transformation of the synthesized allicin, using conventional method, the influence of ultrasound and microwaves, in different organic solvents (acetonitrile, acetone, methanol, and chloroform), at various temperatures (room temperature, 45 °C, and 55 °C) was investigated. Allicin degradation kinetic was monitored by HPLC. Allicin transformation under(More)
The antioxidant activity of water, ethanol and methanol Hieracium pilosella L. extracts is reported. The antioxidative activity was tested by spectrophotometrically measuring their ability to scavenge a stable DPPH(•) free radical and a reactive hydroxyl radical trapped by DMPO during the Fenton reaction, using the ESR spectroscopy. Total phenolic content(More)
We retrospectively evaluated the clinical and histopathological features, treatment modalities, and outcome of 53 children and adolescents with biopsy-proven lupus nephritis (LN), followed between September 1983 and September 2001. The mean age (+/-SD) at the time of diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) was 12.9+/-2.6 years and the mean follow-up(More)
INTRODUCTION On available anthropological material of seven skulls that dates back to the 3800 B.P. to the 2000 B.P., taken from various archaeological sites of Xinjiang area in China, the racial characteristics were studied. The investigated skulls are part of the collection of the prehistoric skeletons housed at the Institute of Archaeology in Beijing. (More)
A boy who developed haemolytic-uraemic syndrome (HUS) at 8 years 6 months of age had four further episodes of the disease during the next 3 years. No renal abnormalities were detected between the attacks nor in the 2.5 years after the last recurrence. Reduced levels of serum complement were found during four of the episodes and in two intervening periods.
The presence of myocardial bridges over the left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) has been studied in 55 monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops) hearts. The resemblance between the Cercopithecus LAD and the one in humans has been revealed. Cercopithecus LAD was the most frequently (70.9%) overbridged artery. The bridges were usually single. Only in 2(More)
In 53 children and adolescents (47 males, 6 females) with lupus nephritis, clinical features at the time of renal biopsy were analyzed and correlated with pathohistological findings. The mean age at the time of diagnosis of systemic lupus was 12.9 +/- 2.6 (SD) years; the mean ages at the time of diagnosis of lupus nephritis and renal biopsy were 13.5 +/-(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Polymethyl methacrylate is used for producing a denture basis. It is a material made by the polymerization process of methyl methacrylate. Despite of the polymerization type, there is a certain amount of free methyl methacrylate (residual monomer) incorporated in the denture, which can cause irritation of the oral mucosa. The aim of this(More)
The coronary arterial epicardial network in the monkey Macaca fascicularis was studied. The study concerned 11 hearts of healthy and fertile animals of both sexes. The morphological and morphometric results of the studies performed by microdissection revealed that: In all examined cases of the Macaca fascicularis the heart was supplied by blood through the(More)