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While software is so important for all facets of the modern world, software development itself is not a perfect process. Agile software engineering methods have recently emerged as a new and different way of developing software as compared to the traditional method-ologies. However, their success has mostly been anecdotal, and research in this subject is(More)
The antioxidant activity of water, ethanol and methanol Hieracium pilosella L. extracts is reported. The antioxidative activity was tested by spectrophotometrically measuring their ability to scavenge a stable DPPH(•) free radical and a reactive hydroxyl radical trapped by DMPO during the Fenton reaction, using the ESR spectroscopy. Total phenolic content(More)
The transformation of the synthesized allicin, using conventional method, the influence of ultrasound and microwaves, in different organic solvents (acetonitrile, acetone, methanol, and chloroform), at various temperatures (room temperature, 45 °C, and 55 °C) was investigated. Allicin degradation kinetic was monitored by HPLC. Allicin transformation under(More)
Am IPP wurde ein monitorbasiertes AR-System als Hilfsmittel für die Instandhaltung entwickelt. Der Grobentwurf des Systems folgte den in der Praxis bewährten Richtlinien für die Gestaltung von Instandhaltungsanleitungen, dieu .a. aus den Erkenntnissen der kognitiven Psychologie resultieren. Das System wurde durcheineReihe von Benutzertests erprobt und eine(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Polymethyl methacrylate is used for producing a denture basis. It is a material made by the polymerization process of methyl methacrylate. Despite of the polymerization type, there is a certain amount of free methyl methacrylate (residual monomer) incorporated in the denture, which can cause irritation of the oral mucosa. The aim of this(More)
Allicin is the most biologically active substance present in garlic. It can be synthesized or obtained by extraction of fresh garlic. Transformation products of allicin are also biologically active. The aim of this study was to examine the antioxidant activity of synthesized allicin and its transformation products obtained using microwaves in methanol at 55(More)
The objects of this investigation were the comparative kinetic analysis of the NiO and NiCl2 reduction by hydrogen during an induction period and elimination of the calcination during the synthesis of Ni/Al2O3 catalysts. The effect of temperature and time on NiO and NiCl2 reduction degrees was studied. Avrami I equation was selected as the most favorable(More)
The process of amygdalin extraction from plum seeds was optimized using central composite design (CCD) and multilayer perceptron (MLP). The effect of time, ethanol concentration, solid-to-liquid ratio, and temperature on the amygdalin content in the extracts was estimated using both mathematical models. The MLP 4-3-1 with exponential function in hidden(More)
By using the "case study" method on a selected example of a higher education institution, the paper analyzes e-learning on safety study programs. The analysis covers the context of the higher education institution, the existing status of application, the strategy of future e-learning development, and the characteristics of e-learning in the selected course,(More)