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lingua franca (English), and scientific and individual traditions. Biotechnology requires money, which was and remains scarce in transitional countries. The succession of Roman, Byzantine, French, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian cultural traditions in these countries also had negative consequences, particularly on free development and autonomy of education(More)
BACKGROUND The contribution disclosure forms used by medical journals to assess and confirm authorship are surveys of self-reported behaviour that follow the cognitive rules of psychometric instruments. We sought to analyze how autobiographical memory, defined as memory for events and issues related to oneself, affected the reliability of contribution forms(More)
AIM To asses prevalence of essential arterial hypertension in family members of soldiers killed in 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. METHODS The study enrolled 1144 subjects who lost a family member in the war and 582 of their close neighbors who experienced no such loss. Data on their medical history and habits were collected, and their blood(More)
The metabolism of the trace elements is altered in infection or inflammation. Helicobacter pylori infection is a causative in chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer disease and gastric cancer. It is not known whether H. pylori infection is associated with the changes in the serum levels of trace elements. The aim of this study was to determine serum(More)
The ICT system's users can significantly affect overall security level of the system, but problem is that most security solutions do not take into consideration user as possible critical security component of the system. The cluster analysis method was applied in order to group users into categories regarding level of their awareness about security issues.(More)
The recognition of basic emotions in everyday communication involves interpretation of different visual and auditory clues. The ability to recognize emotions is not clearly determined as their presentation is usually very short (micro expressions), whereas the recognition itself does not have to be a conscious process. We assumed that the recognition from(More)
The associations of Type A or B behavior with age, sex, occupation, education, life needs satisfaction, smoking, and religion were studied. 242 women and 842 men, ages 21 to 64 years, (M age 42 +/- 8 yr.), completed the Bortner scale and rated on a 5-point scale their life needs satisfaction. Information on age, occupation, education, cigarette smoking, and(More)
We examined the prevalence of Type A/B behavior and Emotion Profiles in 1084 employees. This report focused on the relationship between Type A behavior and eight basic emotion dimensions. Of the 1084 subjects 710 (65%) scored as Type A and 374 (34.5%) as Type B. The mean Bortner scores for all subjects were 182.8 (SD = 33.7), scores on emotional dimensions(More)
Brain lateralization is a common term used to describe dominance of one brain hemisphere over another for a specific function. The right hand dominance in writing, controlled by the left hemisphere, is preceded by development of communicative gesticulation and followed by development of speech in the same hemisphere. We assumed that some people are not(More)