Vesna Hadziosmanovic

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Improved methods for targeting HIV testing among patients most likely to be infected are required; HIDES I aimed to define the methodology of a European wide study of HIV prevalence in individuals presenting with one of eight indicator conditions/diseases (ID); sexually transmitted infection, lymphoma, cervical or anal cancer/dysplasia, herpes zoster,(More)
OBJECTIVES It is still debated if pre-existing minority drug-resistant HIV-1 variants (MVs) affect the virological outcomes of first-line NNRTI-containing ART. METHODS This Europe-wide case-control study included ART-naive subjects infected with drug-susceptible HIV-1 as revealed by population sequencing, who achieved virological suppression on first-line(More)
Background.  Although human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive persons on antiretroviral therapy (ART) frequently have chronic liver enzyme elevation (cLEE), the underlying cause is often unclear. Methods.  Data Collection on Adverse Events of Anti-HIV Drugs (D:A:D) Study participants without chronic viral hepatitis were observed to the earliest of cLEE(More)
European guidelines recommend the routine offer of an HIV test in patients with a number of AIDS-defining and non-AIDS conditions believed to share an association with HIV; so called indicator conditions (IC). Adherence with this guidance across Europe is not known. We audited HIV testing behaviour in patients accessing care for a number of ICs.(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteoarticular manifestations of human brucellosis occur in 20-40% of patients while spondylodiscitis is the most severe form of the bone and joint structures involvements. AIM The aim of this paper is tho show clinical and radiological caracteristics of osteoarticular forms of brucellosis, with special reference to spondylodiscitis. (More)
Pulmonary involvement is a rare manifestation of brucellosis which occurs by inhalation of infected aerosol or by hematogenous spreading. Pulmonary manifestations, including pleural effusions and pneumonias, can be found in up to 16% of complicated cases of brucellosis. A case report of complicated brucellosis is presented. A male patient aged 30, smoker, a(More)
The 4th Congress of Infectiologists of Bosnia-Herzegovina with international participation was held in Konjic, on 30. May to 02. June 2012. In addition to the prominent infectious disease experts from almost all university centers in B&H, the teachers at medical schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina, infectious disease specialists who work in health institutions in(More)
CONFLICT OF INTEREST none declared. INTRODUCTION Brucella endocarditis (BE) is a rare but severe and potentially lethal manifestation of brucellosis. Pre-existing valves lesions and prosthetic valves (PV) are favorable for BE. CASE REPORT We represent the case of a 46-year-old man who was treated at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Clinical Center of(More)
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