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Constructing Yugoslavia: A Transnational History
Acknowledgements Introduction Imagining Savage Europe and Inventing Yugoslavia, 1850-1914 The Expansion of Gallant Serbia into Yugoslavia, 1914-1920 A State in Search of a Nation, 1920-1939 'TheExpand
Beyond Resistance and Collaboration: Towards a Social History of Politics in Hitler’s Empire
This article argues that Europe’s seeming inability to escape from the divisive legacy of World War II is connected to the way in which the war is conceptualized almost everywhere and by almostExpand
War and Religion: Catholics in the Churches of Occupied Paris
Offers an engaging survey of Parisian Catholic life from the European Crisis of the late 1930s to the end of the Nazi Occupation in 1944.
Making Yugoslavs: Identity in King Aleksandar’s Yugoslavia
As all the contributions convincingly demonstrate, issues pertinent to national identity formation have been heavily politicized in each national(ist) historiography. The institutionalization ofExpand
Religion in a dechristianized world: French Catholic responses to war and occupation
of the Vichy regime and German occupation. What the Church’s ’politics of presence’ really meant during the Occupation was that members of the hierarchy and, alongside them, key Catholic notables,Expand