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Business is changing towards knowledge intensive and value critical over the life cycle. Products are increasingly embedding intelligence; therefore the role of Service and Product Architecture is becoming very important. In the context of knowledge sharing we use the term ontology to mean a specification of a conceptualization. That is, ontology is a(More)
absTraCT Innovation capability in creating new offering and new business models by distributed communities is becoming more important. Competitive advantage can be achieved by knowledge communities. Increasing share of the innovation process is taking place outside the company. This is due to increasing complexity of products and services containing(More)
Many product development organizations struggle to gather, document, and manage their product requirements in today's complex and distributed development environment. Lack of user and customer input, incomplete requirements, and changing requirements are the major reasons why information technology projects to not deliver all their planned functionality on(More)
1. ABSTRACT Rapid changes and discontinuities in business environment will challenge enterprises. To challenge sustainable growth, companies have to find out new business solutions. There will be needed knowledge and value innovations by networks of companies to create these solutions. There is urgent need to increase productivity of the knowledge work. New(More)
Internet is on top of the world, a new policy neophyte, who has no limit under its belt, no looser rather winner-like macho. 21 st century begun with plenty of innovations and interoperability schemes into Internet. The semantic web has viewed formal terminology, or ontology, as either immutable or something that can change but that has no past and no(More)
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