Vesa Ruuskanen

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A direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous machine for a small urban use electric vehicle is presented. The measured performance of the machine at the test bench as well as the performance over the modified New European Drive Cycle will be given. The effect of optimal current components, maximizing the efficiency and taking into account the iron loss, is(More)
Solar and wind power have intermittent nature. In order to guarantee continuous power supply, they need to be accompanied with energy storage systems or bridges between different energy sectors. Hydrogen is a potential candidate for both applications (an energy storage system and bridging technology). Hence, it is interesting to study the practical dynamic(More)
Power electronics enable the interconnection between renewable energy and electrolytic hydrogen production. At ambient conditions, the volumetric energy density of hydrogen is low, and therefore pressurisation is required. This paper studies the effect of the hydrogen outlet pressure from PEM electrolysers on the specific energy consumption of water(More)
Simulation of static and transient behaviour of wind power plants is important both for grid companies and the power plant suppliers. Simulating a full-power converter based wind power drive includes the simulation of a large electrical circuit. Building such a model with a circuit simulation program requires details which are not necessary from the(More)
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