Vesa Lehtinen

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In order to obtain a higher spectral separation from the BPSK-like signals, i.e. GPS C/A code, the signals proposed for future Galileo and GPS M-code signals are processed using split-spectrum type modulations, such as Binary Offset Carrier (BOC) modulation. These BOC modulations create deep fades (ambiguities) in the envelope of the Autocorrelation(More)
The variable fractional-delay (FD) filter structure by Tassart and Depalle performs Lagrange interpolation in an efficient way. We point out that this structure directly corresponds to Newton's interpolation (backward difference) formula, hence we prefer to refer to it as the Newton FD filter. This structure does not function correctly when the fractional(More)
In frequency division duplex transceivers employing non-contiguous carrier aggregation (CA) transmission, achieving sufficient isolation between transmit and receive chains using radio frequency filtering alone is increasingly difficult. Particularly challenging problem in this context is spurious intermodulation (IM) components due to nonlinear power(More)