Vesa Korhonen

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The theory on the glymphatic convection mechanism of cerebrospinal fluid holds that cardiac pulsations in part pump cerebrospinal fluid from the peri-arterial spaces through the extracellular tissue into the peri-venous spaces facilitated by aquaporin water channels. Since cardiac pulses cannot be the sole mechanism of glymphatic propulsion, we searched for(More)
  • Mikael Mattlin, Fi, Vesa Mr, Vesa Korhonen, Jian-Guang Fi Mr, Shen
  • 2007
The Chinese government's new approach to ownership and financial control of strategic state-owned enterprises Economists Mr Pekka Sutela, head Russian economy and economic policy Russia's international economic relations China in the world economy Ms Tuuli Juurikkala, economist Russian economy and economic policy Private sector(More)
Functional connectivity of the resting-state networks of the brain is thought to be mediated by very-low-frequency fluctuations (VLFFs <0.1 Hz) in neuronal activity. However, vasomotor waves and cardiorespiratory pulsations influence indirect measures of brain function, such as the functional magnetic resonance imaging blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD)(More)
Individuals with autism spectrum disorder have a preference for attending to non-speech stimuli over speech stimuli. We are interested in whether non-speech preference is only a feature of diagnosed individuals, and whether we can we test implicit preference experimentally. In typically developed individuals, serial recall is disrupted more by speech(More)
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