Veruska Oliveira Di Sena

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CONTEXT Obstructive jaundice due to lymphoma is very rare. It may be difficult to distinguish between this condition and a large number of causes of extrahepatic bile duct obstruction, even by endoscopic retrograde cholangiography. Its prognosis is poor. Combined chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy with bile duct drainage is a therapeutic option. CASE REPORT(More)
CONTEXT Endoscopic mucosal resection is an established modality for excision of sessile lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. Submucosal fluid injection creates a cushion and may prevent thermal injury and perforation. OBJECTIVES This blind study investigated the performance of three different solutions to create submucosal fluid cushions in porcine(More)
Retroperitoneal perforation during therapeutic endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is uncommon and is usually manifested by abdominal pain, fever and leukocytosis. We report the case of a patient with post-ERCP subcutaneous emphysema, pneumomediastinum and pneumothorax treated conservatively. A 79-year-old woman with a diagnosis of(More)
OBJECTIVE Gender differences in gastroesophageal reflux disease have been reported. Higher frequency and severity of symptoms, lower esophageal acid exposure and lower incidence of reflux-related complications have been observed in women. The aim of this study was to determine whether there are any gender differences in clinical presentation, diagnostic(More)
BACKGROUND Competency for colonoscopy implies technical and cognitive skills. The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy has suggested 100 supervised procedures might be necessary. There are no specific recommendations in Brazil. AIM To evaluate technical progress of trainees during a regular colonoscopy training program. MATERIALS AND METHOD(More)
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