Veronique P Mead

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There is a need for a new pathophysiological model explaining and linking the role of numerous non-genetic factors believed to contribute to origins of many chronic physical diseases. This article presents a theoretical model for explaining the confusing and often contradictory findings regarding the role of environmental influences in type 1 diabetes, a(More)
1. Predisposition to a symptom or chronic illness (ie: lupus, diabetes, chronic fatigue, bipolar,..)-affects risk by imprinting, conditioning & predisposing the nervous system to regulate in certain ways 4-appears to occur in early life such as during pregnancy, birth, and in childhood 5-is influenced by bonding and attachment relationships, through which(More)
This article describes research on the role of environmental factors affecting autonomic regulation and predisposition for states of sympathetic and parasympathetic dominance. Perspectives regarding the role of environmental factors in physiological regulation contribute to our increasing understanding of the impact of gene-environment interactions in the(More)
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