Veronique Fraser

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Genetic influences on polyethism within social insect colonies are well known, suggesting that the determination of caste (soldiers and minor workers) may also be genetically mediated. The Australian sugar ant Camponotus consobrinus is suitable for such a study, having soldiers and minor workers that follow a complex allometry. Further, although most C.(More)
We review evidence of determinants contributing to increased opioid-related mortality in the United States and Canada between 1990 and 2013. We identified 17 determinants of opioid-related mortality and mortality increases that we classified into 3 categories: prescriber behavior, user behavior and characteristics, and environmental and systemic(More)
This paper maps key research questions for humanitarian health ethics: the ethical dimensions of healthcare provision and public health activities during international responses to situations of humanitarian crisis. Development of this research agenda was initiated at the Humanitarian Health Ethics Forum (HHE Forum) convened in Hamilton, Canada in November(More)
UNLABELLED Introduction Health care workers (HCWs) who participate in humanitarian aid work experience a range of ethical challenges in providing care and assistance to communities affected by war, disaster, or extreme poverty. Although there is increasing discussion of ethics in humanitarian health care practice and policy, there are very few resources(More)
Health professionals working in humanitarian relief projects encounter a range of ethical challenges. Applying professional and ethical norms may be especially challenging in crisis settings where needs are elevated, resources scarce, and socio-political structures strained. Situations when clinicians must decide whether to provide care that is near the(More)
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