Veronique Boutin

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One natural population (F0 generation) of Beta maritima situated on the French Atlantic coast has been analysed. It was composed of 62% female, 30% hermaphrodite and 8% intermediate plants. The analysis of half-sib progeny (F1 generation) obtained from in situ open pollination demonstrates the cytoplasmic determination of male sterility in Beta maritima and(More)
We designed a peptide, H5WYG (GLFHAIAHFIHGGWHGLIHGWYG), that permeabilizes cell membrane at a slightly acidic pH but not at neutral pH. Absorbance, fluorescence, and circular dichroism spectra showed that H5WYG undergoes a dramatic conformational change between pH 7.0 and 6.0 that correlates with the protonation of the histidyl residues. Cell(More)
Gene delivery mediated by polyplexes such as DNA complexed with polylysine conjugates is limited by the low efficiency of escape of DNA from the endosomes. One of the strategies which favors the transmembrane passage of polyplexes consists of adding anionic amphipathic peptides capable of destabilizing membranes in an acidic medium. Although less efficient(More)
This paper focuses on energy optimisation in the context of lifts. Modern lifts embed batteries that are so far used only in emergency. We propose a multi-level optimisation strategy to reduce the electricity bill by combining harvesting, the grid and energy stored in batteries. The strategy combines several analytic components (forecaster, optimisers),(More)
Nowadays, elevators are equipped with storage devices to ensure autonomy in case of grid failure. This paper presents a method that takes advantage of these storage devices to optimize energy consumption and cost. The optimization is achieved by two controllers: a high-level one (using linear programming) and a low-level one (using simple rules).(More)
We introduce a new methodology for the specification and the design of the control logic of automated manufacturing systems. Our aim is to make specification express just what is necessary earlier in the design process. This permits to produce an optimized work cycle for the system and makes both production recovery calculation and code generation easier.(More)
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