Veronique Bex

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Two flavones, apigenin and tangeretin, were studied for their ability to modulate gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) in the rat liver epithelial cell line REL. Their cytotoxicity was first determined by cell density and neutral red uptake assays: neither apigenin nor tangeretin are cytotoxic at 10 and 25 microM, the concentrations used in our(More)
Subclinical Cushing's syndrome (SCS) caused by adrenal incidentalomas is frequently associated with overweight and insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome X may therefore be a clue to the presence of CS. However, the incidence of CS in this situation remains unknown. We have conducted a prospective study to evaluate the prevalence of occult CS in overweight,(More)
Mutations in the DAX1 gene cause X-linked adrenal hypoplasia congenita (AHC) and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HHG). In affected boys, primary adrenal insufficiency occurs soon after birth or during early childhood; HHG is recognized at the expected time of puberty. In this report, we describe the novel phenotype of a man who presented with apparently(More)
BACKGROUND Activation of the p21ras and pp60c-src oncoproteins occurred at high incidence in the early stage of human colorectal carcinogenesis. Our study aimed to investigate the role of these signal-transduction pathways in the process of initiation and promotion of the malignant phenotype in intestinal cells. METHODS The human Ha-ras and the polyoma(More)
Vertebral angiomas are frequent and often asymptomatic. Sometimes although they do not seem invasive radiologically, they are responsible for local pain. If there is concordance between pain and vertebral angioma localisation, surgery such as vertebroplasty or cyphoplasty can be proposed. These techniques lead to a quick and complete removal of symptoms.
A 31-year-old overweight man, suffering from high-blood pressure, was hospitalized for transient fits and hemiparesis. MRI disclosed a large irregular mass affecting the vault, meninges and invading the parietal lobe. At neurosurgery, the lesion was necrotic, hemorrhagic and poorly demarcated from the surrounding brain. Histopathology revealed a benign(More)
INTRODUCTION To study the impact of the constant and inevitable inhalation of moulds, it is necessary to sample, identify and count the spores. BACKGROUND Environmental sampling methods can be separated into three categories: surface sampling is easy to perform but non quantitative, air sampling is easy to calibrate but provides time limited information,(More)