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The development of social media, especially Twitter is growing rapidly. Twitter is usually used to comment on a product, a person or even a television program. The written comments by Twitter users can reach hundred thousand or even millions every day. By using the comments obtained from Twitter, it can complement a television program assessment that(More)
Customer churn is a major problem that is found in the telecommunications industry because it affects the company's revenue. At the time of the customer churn is taking place, the percentage of data that describes the customer churn is usually low. Unfortunately, the churn data is the data which have to be predicted earlier. The lack of data on customer(More)
Institutions hassles to accommodate a large of student that couldn't passed in normal study period. Some of them pending the study period because couldn't passed TPB in two semesters. If many students didn't graduated on time, it would be a lot of difficulties involved by institutions. The impact of these problems such as human resources, supplying(More)
Draw learning in early childhood is an important lesson and full of stimulation of the process of growth and development of children which could help to train the fine motor skills. We have had a lot of applications that can be used to perform learning, including interactive learning applications. Referring to the observations that have been conducted(More)
Interactive media using application is a solution to provide early childhood learning in today's technological era, one in the introduction to read. Based on the results of a survey conducted on an application of learning to read using a quality in use integrated measurement factor indicates there are deficiencies in the application of user task and(More)
This study presents a content control application usage on smartphones which can improve collaboration between children and parents. The importance of the parents' role is to provide a comprehension regarding the content of the application to children will make good communications between parents and children. So, the children can think and make decisions(More)
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